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Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

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Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

It is made of 100% 1.2D x 38mm polyester staple fiber of high-tenacity, low-elongation by special spinning, dyeing and finishing. It is featured by perfect glossy luster, excellent lubrication, knotless in 10 thousand meters, good rotting proof, low water shrinkage, high fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight, perspiration and sublimation. Suitable for high-speed sewing of out-wear, underwear, top grade knitting apparel.


20s/2 5000Y 40S/3 5000Y
20s/3 5000Y 50S/2 5000Y
30s/2 5000Y 50S/3 5000Y
30s/3 5000Y 60S/2 5000Y
40s/2 5000Y 60S/3 5000Y
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