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Sewing Threads

MH sewing thread including: spun polyester sewing thread,poly/poly core sewing thread,cotton/poly core sewing thread,polyester texture yarn,spun polyester bag closing thread,100% polyester high tenacity thread,nylon high tenacity thread,100%nylon bond thread.


Color:color card with 400 colors for choosing,also buyer's colors are acceptable.

MH sewing thread industry starts production from raw yarn,through the process of spinning ,dyeing,winding,packing and tesing,working shop is around 100,000 m²,with 1500 skillful workers.

100% Spun Polyester Sewing Threads

100% Spun Polyester Sewing Threads
A premium spun sewing thread with perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, good rotting proof, low water shrinkage, good fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight and perspiration.

Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Wewing Threads

Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Threads
A premium core spun sewing thread which has the same appearance as cotton and is meanwhile featured by high tenacity, good abrasion resistance and color fastness.

Polyester Wrapped Poly Core Wewing Threads

Polyester Wrapped Poly Core Sewing Threads
A premium core spun sewing thread which is featured by core evenness and natural touch, whose strength is 15%-20% higher than polyester sewing thread of equal size.

100% Cotton Sewing Threads

100% Cotton Sewing Threads
A premium 100% cotton sewing thread which is featured by smoothness, little hairiness and high tenacity, it is applicable for sewing cotton garments and declarations.


20s/2: Jeans,shoes,caps,leather products,etc
20s/3: Jeans,shoes,handbags,leather products,etc.
20s/4: Packing bags,leather products,handbags,shoes,etc.
20s/6: Canvas
20s/9: Jeans,leather products,handbags
30s/2: Suits,bedcover,bedsheet,sportswear,notions,sewing craft and notions,etc.
30s/3: Tents,jeans,leather prouducts,shoes,caps,bagy clothes,etc.
40s/2: Suits,bedcover,bedsheet,sportswear,notions,sewing craft and notions,etc.
40s/3: Heavy quilt bedcover,glove,toys,protective clothing,sewing craft and notions,shoes,etc.
50s/2: Knitted garments,blouses,suit-dress,silks,underwear,etc.
60s/2: Knitted garments,suit-dress,over lock thread,handkerchief,underwear,etc.
60s/3: Knitted garments,fashionable dress,suit-dress,sportswear,sewing craft and notions,etc
80s/3: Highquality shirt and national dress

Standard Packing

Specification Length Quantity per Carton 40"HFCL/68m3
60s/2 5000Y 120PCS/10BOX 13250DOZ
50s/2 5000Y 120PCS/10BOX 11100DOZ
40s/2 4000Y 120PCS/10BOX 12500DOZ
40s/2 5000Y 120PCS/10BOX 11100DOZ
29s/3 5000Y 120PCS/10BOX 7590DOZ
40s/3 5000Y 120PCS/10BOX 9000DOZ
20s/3 5000Y 60PCS/10BOX 4350DOZ

 Washing Color Fastness

Temper Ature(ºC) Time(min.) ECE Detergent(g/l) Liguor Volume(ml) Sodium Perborate(g/l) Stell Balls Colour Change/Staining
50 30 4 150 1 25 Grade4


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