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40S/2 Flame Retardant Aramid Thread for Sewing

Aramid Fibres Sewing Thread

  • Flame Retardant

Material: 100% meta aramid

Color: Natural white

Count: 40S/2

Feature: Meta-aramid is an aromatic polyamide fiber.

Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. Aramid fibers share some general characteristics that distinguish from other synthetic fibers, including high strength, good resistance to abrasion, good resistance to organic solvents, electrical insulation, no melting point, low flammability, good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. These unique characteristics derive from aramid fibers' molecular structure.

Application:Meta-aramids come in two different types: spun often used in sewing applications for clothing, and continuous filament which boasts a higher strength and is perfect for those products that need great performance of reinforcement and strength.

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