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0.35mm/0.3mm 100% Nylon Monofilament for Ornaments Sewing

100% Nylon Invisible Thread


Material: 100% Nylon Monofilament

Diameter: 0.35mm, 0.3mm

Packing: 250g/bobbin, 500g/bobbin (normally packed with plastic spool, cone, tube or skein, in 2g-5000g.

Feature: Excellent transparency, high strength, good thermal stability, excellent corrosion resistance , small linear expansion coefficient , excellent electrical insulation and aging resistance, non-toxic and odorless.

Applications:Nylon monofilament thread has been used in the sewing industry for decades and was the primary thread for hemming and stitching .

it's widely used in the sequin embroidering , veil, sports shoes, traditional costumes, arab carpet.

MH's Advantages:

  • Complete specifications with reliable quality
  • Customized according to the customer's needs. (such as quality,color,weight,packaging,etc.) to suit different market needs
  • Fast delivery
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