Recycle Eco-friendly 100% Polyester Sewing Thread

100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread


100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread

MH ECO Polyester Sewing Thread use special yarn which made of recycled plastic bottles with a series of complicated processes, it's 100% recycled, designed to assist in meeting the challenge of manufacturing

Main Use:

Wide range of uses, all knitwear, furniture interiors, bags, shoes, all kinds of lines, etc.

Features and benefits:

100% post consumer recycled polyester fiber

Polyester fiber certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard)

Excellent dry heat shrinkage solution to significantly increase customer profitability

Excellent sewing effect

Excellent color fastness

Chemical Character  
Inorganic acids  long-lasting ability for most inorganic acids
Alkaline Unaffected by weak alkali
it has a greater impact on durability with strong alkali, especially at high temperatures.
Organic solvents Generally unaffected, but soluble in benzene-containing compounds
Rinse Unaffected
Insects/microorganisms (mold, decay) Unaffected
Washing/dry cleaning Unaffected
Moisture absorption rate 0.40%


Technical Data

Ne Tex Average Strength (cN) Breaking Elongation (%) Boiling Water Shrinkage (%)
20S/2 28.8*2 2025 13.0-19.0 <1.0
20S/3 28.8*3 3100 14.0-21.0 <1.0
30S/2 19.4*2 1300 10.0-16.0 <1.0
40S/2 14.6*2 1020 9.5-16.0 <1.0
40S/3 14.6*3 1450 11.0-18.0 <1.0
45S/2 13.0*2 875 9.5-16.0 <1.0
50S/2 11.7*2 810 9.5-16.0 <1.0
60S/2 9.7*2 640 8.5-14.5 <1.0

 100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread


100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread

100% Recycle Eco Polyester Sewing Thread


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