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20S2 2500Y ECO Polyester Sewing Thread


MH ECO Polyester Sewing Thread also called as recycled polyester sewing thread , use special yarn which made of recycled plastic bottles with a series of complicated processes , it's 100% recycled , designed to assist in meeting the challenge, of manufacturing environmentally responsible apparel .

Spec: We have 20S/2,20S/3,30S/2,40S/2,60S/2, is idea for kintwear , athleisure, intimate apparel, casual wear, embroidery and outdoor wear applications.

Certificate: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0

Features and benefits

100% post consumer recycled polyester fiber, Polyester fiber certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard), Excellent dry heat shrinkage solution to, significantly increase customer profitability, Excellent sewing effect, Excellent color fastness.

MH ECO Polyester Sewing Thread provides an eco alternative sewing thread without sacrificing sewing performance. Using MH ECO Polyester Sewing Thread, and protext earth together!

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