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Baby Wool Yarn

40g Wool Yarn for Knitting


Acrylic Hand Knitting Yarn

Material: 100% acrylic

Count: 56n/2, 48n/2, 36n/2, 32n/2, 24n/2, 18n/2, 16n/3, 13n/2, 10n/2, 9n/2, 8n/3, 6n/3, 1n/3, etc.

Packing: 30-453g/ball, 250g/skein or 1kg/cone

MOQ: 1 ton

Color: We have color card with 150 colors, also buyer's colors are acceptable.

Capacity: 2000tons/year

100% acrylic knitting yarn, common specifications has 5S/3, 8S/6, 16S/2, 30/2*8N, 19S/3, 20S/3, 9S/3.

It is also named artificial wool.

Knitting yarn is generally used in knitting sweaters, trousers, vests, scarves, hats gloves and trimmings, in addition to warmth, it also has a decorative effect.

MH has all kinds of knitting yarn in different thicknesses, colors, packages, can meet different market needs.


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