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Anti-phenolic Yellowing Sewing Thread

Anti-Phenolic Yellowing Polyester Sewing Thread


Name: MH Anti-phenolic yellowing thread

Test report: 4-5 grade

Quality guaranteed: MH OEKO-TEX standard 100 Annext 6


Phenolic yellowing, also referred to as elusive yellowing, is the discoloration of threads and textiles. Due to chemical and environmental factors and thread aging. The "yellowing" of white products is a common occurrence. The degree of phenolic yellowing concerns environment humidity, temperature, oxides of nitrogen. MH threads have been tested up to 4-5 grade by a third party and is fully accredited by H&M.

Suitable for light-colored, bright-colored outdoor products.

Application: Used for sewing white color textiles(such as shirt, hotel bedsheet, white towels), keeping white color unchanged

Polyester Thread Color Card: Over 800 different colors are available

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MH thread


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