MH aims to provid customers with world-class thread colors. Drawing from a color library consisting of more than 10,000 shades, Mh color card provides 400 shade choices, also Mh offers a quick response for dye-to-match thread color reproduction, always consistent with your sewing needs.

Color measurement

In order to help quantifying difference of colors, experts developed color measurement system. Specifying each color a location by space color, we are able to use real number to measure difference between colors. There are a number of color spaces available.

Benefits of color measurement

In addition to convert the color of an object into real number of quantifiable difference in color measurement, it also helps to maintain color consistency, facilitate color matching and color communication. Global supply in the sewing products market needs to be able to do instant communication with color formulas and standards around the world. By color measurement, such data can be accurately delivered to the need places in a timely manner.