High Quality 100% Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread

Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread

Made of viscose filament yarn, dyed with reactive dyes on 60ºC degree,has excellent brightness and high luster, entensive color range, with excellent softness.



Exceptional Embroidery Performance Unique lubrication resulting
Excellent Softness Superior abrasion resistance
Extensive Colour Range  

Material: rayon
Count: 120d/2, 150d/2, 150d/3, 250d/2, 300d/2, 300d/3, 450d/2, 600d/2, 600d/3, 300d/1, 300d/2, 450d/1, 600d/1,etc
Packing: 1800yds and 5000yds
Color: color card with 400 colors, also buyer's colors acceptable.
Capacity: 10000tons/year
Usage: computer embroidery, nameplates embroidery, lace embroidery, patch and knitting articles
Certificate: ISO9001, Oeko-Tex



underwear, nightwear, childrenswear, ladies suits, silk, handbag, lace embroidery, etc.


Technical Data

Tex Denier Average Strength Elongation Min - Max Recommended Needle Size
(T)   (cN) (%) Singer Metric
27 120D/2 690 14-26 10-14 70-90
30 150D/2 840 14-26 12-14 75-90


Cone Optional