Material: polyester, nylon, polypropylene

Packing: 10g-5000g(cone, spool, tube, bundle)

Applications: MH fishing twine is widely used to fishing nets, sequnis and pearl , shoes seam, Arabic carpets, veil and garments for women in the Middle East.

Polyester Fishing Net Thread

Feature: The polyester fishing twine thread has high strength, low wettability, high impact strength, good heat resistance, wear resistance and acid resistance, also its wet state strength is basically the same as dry state strength. fishing net thread is made of polyester,

Common Specifications: 210D/6、 210D/9、210D/12、210D/24、210D/192.

Nylon Fishing Net Thread

Feature: It is very strong and wear-resistant, has good elasticity, fatigue damage resistance, high chemical stability, and acid resistance.

Common Specifications: 210D/3、210D/6、210D/9、210D/21.

Polypropylene Fishing Net Thread

Feature: It is economic, high strength, with less density, good resistance to acid and alkali.

Common Specification: 210D/24.

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