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M/MS/MHS/MH/MX Type Metallic Yarns

M Type 100% Metallic Yarn


M Type 100% Metallic Yarn

Width: 1/110’’, 1/100’’, 1/69’’, 1mm, 2mm, etc.

Composition: slit metalized PET film (aluminum metalized and protective epoxy resin coated)

Thickness: 12μ, 23μ, 25μ, etc.

Packing: 100g and 300g per spool

Color: Basic colors: silver and gold; Special colors on request: rainbow/pearl, multi-color, fluorescent, transparent, matt color, etc.

Certificate: ISO9001, Oeko-Tex

Usage: widely used in garment decoration (including embroidery, lace, ribbon, label and accessories), yarn-dyed fabric, tricot lace, tablecloth, kitchen scrubber, art crafts, etc.

metallic yarns

Color Card

color card metallic yarns


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