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Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

Nylon Bonded Thread

Nylon bonded sewing thread is made of polyamide 6.6 synthetic fiber, whose popular name is nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fiber. Through twisting the fiber, then sticking and finalizing all fiber together like one, the bonded thread does not disentwine, not cottony and has high resistance to abrasion in the process of sewing.

Spec:210D/3, 300D/3,420D/3 ,630D/3

Product feature:Excellent Tenacity, Excellent UV and Abrasion Protection, Lowly Elongation, High Waterproof Property, Loose Strands Prevented, Excellent Seam Strength & Appearance, Extensive Colour Range


The sewing effect is very wonderful, due to the advantage of nylon material and the effectual disposal of lubricant, Applicable to all kinds of leather goods, bag, luggage, automobiles, outdoor products, etc.

100D/3, 150D/2, 150D/3, Mainly used for thin fabric leather materials: such as wallets, curtains, handbags, raincoats, leather clothes, leather gloves, etc.

210D/2, 210D/3, 250D/3, Mainly used in leather and leather products: such as leather shoes, leather bags, suitcases, leather clothing

Thicker fabrics: dental floss, travel shoes, travel bags, tents, fabric sofas, bedding, sofas, etc.

300D/3, 420D/3, 630D/3, Mainly used for thick leather products: sofas, car cushions, sports shoes, belts, etc.

Thick cloth products: canvas, account book, tent, backpack, etc. Hand-sewn products, kites, bead curtains.

840D/3, 1260D/3, Mostly used for large kites, hand-sewn products, packaging bags, etc.

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