Polyester textured yarn,Polyester overlocking Thread, Serger Thread

Texture Yarn / Overlock Thread

100% Polyester Texture Yarn

Made of draw texturing yarn, has soft and high elastic feature, with twisting or without twisting. A high performance textured polyester sewing thread with good seam elasticity and seam strength. Generally used for seam, overlocking and coverstitch of knitted fabric.



Excellent Seam Coverage Good Elastic Property
Extensive Colour Range High Productivity
Chemical Resistance Economical
Texture Yarn
Spec:150D/1,200D/1 and 300D/1 with twisting or W/O twisting, and also tine-apple style.


Technical Data

Tex Denier Construction Average Strength Average Elongation Recommended Needle Size Boiling Water Shrinkage
(T)   (cN) (%) Singer Metric (%)
18 150D/1 685 25 9-11 65-75 <1.0
24 200D/1 860 26 9-11 65-75 <1.0
35 300D/1 1350 28 12-14 75-90 <1.0


Polyester overlock Thread
0213-01, 150D/1, 450g/cone
0213-150D/1,500g/pine-apple cone,9"
0213-04,150D/1,250g/pine-apple cone
0213-05,300D/1,300g/pine-apple cone
0213-06,300D/1,1kg/plastic cone

100% Nylon High Stretch Textured Thread

A high bulk textured nylon sewing thrad which provides high elasticity, softness. It is ideal for seaming and serging knit and woven fabrics


Excellent Seam Coverage  Greater Elastic Property
Extraordinary softness in sewing High Productivity
Good Chemical Resistance Good Color fastness


Technical Data

Tex Size Tickets Size Strength  Needle Size Usage
(T) (TKT) (G) Singer Metric  
16 180 726 9-11 65-75 Light Weight fabric
24 120 1043 9-11 65-75 Light Weight fabric
30 90 1225 11-14 75-90 Med Weight fabric
45 60 1905 12-14 75-90 Med Weight fabric
60 50 2858 16-19 100-120 Med Weight fabric


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