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Thread Applications for Your Industry



Your sewing project's specific needs, along with the fabric's type, the intended use, durability, and aesthetic appeal, all play a role in selecting the appropriate apparel sewing thread.



Selecting the appropriate sewing thread for shoes requires careful consideration. Factors such as the material of the shoe, the requisite strength of the thread, the method of sewing employed, the environmental conditions the shoes will be exposed to, and the aesthetic appeal of the final product, all influence this critical decision.

Outdoor Products

Bags and Luggage

When selecting thread for bags, consider the bag's material, required thread strength, sewing technique, environmental exposure, and desired aesthetic of the finished product. These factors ensure a durable and visually pleasing outcome.

Home Textiles

Household and Recreation

When choosing thread for household and recreational purposes, consider its durability, colorfastness, resistance to heat and chemicals, ease of use, and the type of fabric it will be used with. These factors ensure a satisfactory sewing experience.

Patterns Embroidery


The selection between polyester and rayon embroidery thread hinges on a number of considerations such as the sought-after aesthetic, durability requirements, and particular usage of the embroidery.