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Anti-UV Sewing Thread

Anti-UV Sewing Thread

Anti-UV Sewing Thread

The anti-UV sewing thread is designed to resist sunlight and minimize the absorption of ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing degradation. This ensures the thread maintains its mechanical properties, including strength, while also enhancing its resistance to sunlight-induced discoloration.

Product Feature

  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-aging
  • Excellent anti-UV performance
  • Color Fastness up to Grade 4

Color Card

The color card is made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

Color Fastness

Good color fastness of the thread makes it resistant to the various chemical and physical agents the thread is exposed to during manufacturing and during its useful life. This ensures no bleeding of the color into the garment.
Inspection Items Performance
Washing Color Fastness >Grade 4
Friction Color Fastness >Grade 4
Color Difference >Grade 4

Product Technical Data

UPF Performance Ultraviolet Transmittance(%) UPF Mark
15-24 Minimum 6.7-4.2 15,20
25-39 Good 4.1-2.6 25,30,35
40-50, 50+ Excellent ≤ 2.5 40,45,50,50+


Yarn Count Application
60S/4, 40S/2 The 60S/3 and 40S/2 are all-purpose sewing thread for shirts, suits, quilt covers, sheets, etc.
30S/2, 40S/3 30S/2 and 40S/3 are used for thicker fabrics, such as worsted fabrics.
20S/2,  20S/3 20S/2 and 20S/3 can also be called denim thread. The thread is thick and strong, suitable for sewing denim, bags, etc.
50S/2, 60S/2 50S/2 and 60S/2 are mostly used for thin fabrics, such as silk, georgette in summer.