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  • Aramid Sewing Thread

    Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread

Aramid Sewing Thread

Fire-resistant protective garments require the highest level of security and durability to protect firefighters, industrial workers, and military combat personnel. Meta-aramid thread is a flame-resistant sewing thread made from 100% spun meta-aramid fiber using a vertically integrated aramid manufacturing system. It is uniquely engineered to provide exceptional flame or heat resistance.


100% Meta Aramid (an aromatic polyamide fiber)


Ne: 5s-60s


  • Made from 100% meta-aramid fibre and will not melt in high temperature of 220'C for ten years above.
  • Exceptional flame and heat resistance; does not melt or drip up to the melting point
  • Excellent electrical insulation capabilities
  • Unique lubricated finish for excellent sewability and seam integrity


  • Sfety Jackets
  • Firefighter Apparel
  • Military and Law Enforcement Uniforms
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electrical Industry:
  • Industrial Safety Gear
  • Hot Air Filters
  • Outdoor Equipment