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Ficoth Threads

Ficoth Brand


FICOTH thread is to provide customers with high quality thread in competive prices.


ficoth packing

Medium and High Grade Quality

Ficoth is a great choice as a replacement of the AE and the Coats ASTRA.
Superior Twist Yarns: Ficoth adopts Superior Twist Yarns that are slightly superior to the national standard yarns.
Using high-quality raw yarn with good strength, low fault levels, excellent evenness. All raw yarn being tested before using.
Dyestuff: Ficoth adopts dyestuffs that are certified by Oeko-tex standard 100 Class I, with excellent color fastness.
High Speed Winding Machine: Ficoth adopts high-speed machine for winding, bringing beautiful shape and easy to unwind.
Imported Lubricating Oil: Using high quality lubricating oil that is mixed by silicone and wax, has good thermal and anti-friction properties.
Quality Orientation: Ficoth is a great choice as a replacement of the AE and the Coats ASTRA.

Color Standard

Using dyestuff and additives certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class I
Color Difference based on color card or samples is not below the grade 4.
Washing Fastness is not below than grade 4-5.
Dry and Wet Rubbing Fastness is not below than grade 4.

Thread Feature

Good resistance to chemical material.
Excellent sewing performance and seam strength.
1% low shrinkage rate, effectively reducing wrinkles after laundering
Wide range of uses, general bottom line is available, reducing line change operation.
Finished thread is compact and beautiful, and it is not easy to deform during transportation.

Breaking Strength Specifications

Ne Tex Grade Breaking strength
Breaking strength
Elongation at break
Twist range
Twist CV
20S/2 59 P 2124 7.0 10.5-16.0 58-62 9
20S/3 89 P 3540 6.5 11.5-16.5 44-48 9
20S/4 118 P 4720 6.5 12.5-18.5 40-46 9
30S/2 40 P 1379 7.5 10.0-15.5 70-74 9
30S/3 60 P 2246 7.0 11.0-16.0 56-60 9
40S/2 30 P 1050 8.0 10.0-15.0 80-84 9
40S/3 45 P 1643 7.5 10.5-15.5 76-80 9
50S/2 24 P 850 8.5 9.5-14.5 82-86 9
60S/2 20 P 667 9.0 9.0-14.0 96-100 9
60S/3 30 P 1030 8.0 10.0-15.0 80-84 9
Direction of Twist: Z Direction