• Sewing Thread Kit

    Sewing Thread Kit

Sewing Thread Kit

Sewing Thread Kit

Sewing Thread Kit

Small spools sewing thread for hand sewing and household sewing machine. Fit for most sewing machine, like Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, Singer etc. Any sizes, colors and packing area available.




20S/2, 20S/3, 30S/2, 30S/3, 40S/2, 40S/3, 50S/2, 50S/3, 60S/2, 60S/3, 80S/2, 80/3, etc.

Color Card

Color cards with more than 800 colors: Washing color fastness, Friction color fastness, Friction color fastness are all above Grade4.
Customized colors are available.

Color Fastness

Good color fastness of the thread makes it resistant to the various chemical and physical agents the thread is exposed to during manufacturing and during its useful life. This ensures no bleeding of the color into the garment.
Inspection Item Color Change/Staining
Washing Color Fastness ≥Grade 4
Friction Color Fastness ≥Grade 3-4
Color Difference Sample and Color Cards ≥Grade 4
Cones in the same box ≥Grade 4-5
Color Shades Difference of the Same Cone ≥Grade 4-5


6001-36: 40/2, 150m/tube, 30tubes/box
6001-37: 40/2, 8g/tube, 12tubes/box
6001-38: 30/2, 8.5g/tube, 10tubes/box
6001-39: 40/2, 200m/tube, 30tubes/box
6001-40: 40/2, 100m/tube, 10tubes/box
6001-41: 40/2, 750yds/tube, 12tubes/box
6001-42: 40/2, 8.2g/tube, 10tubes/box
6001-43: 40/2, 500yds/tube, 6tubes/box
6001-44: 40/2, 100m/tube, 10tubes/box


6001-22, 40/2, 63g
6001-23, 30/2, 15g
6001-24, 30/2, 70g
6001-25, 40/2, 50g
6001-27, 40/2, 6.6g
6001-28, 40/2, 5.5g
6001-29, 40/2, 80g
6001-30, 30/2, 20g
6001-31, 50/2, 400yds
6001-32, 40/2, 50yds
6001-33, 40/2, 50yds


Yarn Count Application
60S/4, 40S/2 The 60S/3 and 40S/2 are all-purpose sewing thread for shirts, suits, quilt covers, sheets, etc.
30S/2, 40S/3 30S/2 and 40S/3 are used for thicker fabrics, such as worsted fabrics.
20S/2,  20S/3 20S/2 and 20S/3 can also be called denim thread. The thread is thick and strong, suitable for sewing denim, bags, etc.
50S/2, 60S/2 50S/2 and 60S/2 are mostly used for thin fabrics, such as silk, georgette in summer.

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