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Sewing Machine Thread, Polyester Thread for Sewing

Sewing Thread

MH Sewing Thread includes: Spun Polyester Sewing Thread, Core Spun Sewing Thread (Polyester/Polyester Core Spun, Polyester/Cotton Core Spun), Polyester Textured Yarn, Spun Polyester Bag Closing Thread, 100% Polyester High Tenacity Sewing Thread, Nylon High Tenacity Thread, 100% Nylon Bonded Thread.

MH sewing thread can reduce the number of broken threads dramatically in the sewing process, improve the quality of the sewing products, improve the production efficiency and to reduce the production cost. It will also reduce the labor intensity and satisfaction of employees.

Annual output: 30000 tons

Color: color card with 400 colors available, small qty order acceptable

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