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  • Bag Closing Thread

    Bag Closing Thread

Bag Closing Thread

Bag Closing Thread

Bag Closing Thread

The Bag Closing Thread, crafted from spun polyester fiber, exhibits high durability and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and acid. It finds extensive application in both agricultural and industrial settings, including sugar bags, PP woven sacks, multi-wall paper bags, sandbags, mesh bags, and more. The MH variant of Bag Closing Thread is ideally suited for fast-paced bag packing systems such as NEWLONG, FISCHBEIN, UNION-SPECIAL, YAO-HAN, SIRUBA, and JUKI. Employing this thread can significantly augment productivity in the sewing process.

Product Feature

  • High wear resistance, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, mildew resistance.
  • Bag sewing thread's quality varies with chemical fibers.
  • Up to 9kg bag sewing thread without knots
  • Cone packing from 100g to 9kg.




9S, 10S, 12S, 20S, with 3~9 ply.

Color Card

Color cards with 800 colors, can match perfectly to any fabric, also can match with PANTONE color.


Bag sewing thread is widely used in the agricultural field, industrial packing for sewing, closing open mouth bags, like sugar bags, pp woven sacks, sandbags, mesh bags, etc. MH bag closing thread is suitable for high-speed bag packing systems such as NEWLONG, FISCHBEIN, UNION-SPECIAL.YAO-HAN, SIRUBA, JUKI.


From 100g/cone to 9kg/cone are available. Generally, 200g/cone is suitable for handheld bag sewing machine, and 1BL is suitable for big bag sewing machine.
6014-A: 20/4 200g/cone
6014-B: 12/4 200g/cone
6014-C: 18/3 400g/cone
6014-D: 12/5 200g/cone
6014-E: 10/3 200g/cone