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  • About MH

    • MH, the most famous Sewing Accessories Brand with the longest history in Turkey market, has local office in Istanbul,service the local customers more than 10 years.
    • Since entering the Turkey market in 2010, we have always adhered to the concept of "Creating Value for Our Customers", providing Turkish importers with High Quality and Reasonable Price products, and Reliable Whole-Process Service, so that our customers can benefit from the growth together with us.
    • MH contributed to the good life of Turkish people, by sticking to our business principle: "The Same Price, Better Quality; The Same Quality, Better Price".
turkey aboutus
turkey aboutus
  • Why choose us

    • Local office: Located in Istanbul, you are welcome to contact us at any time. You can come to us, chat with us face to face, check our quality and so on. It will more than you can imagine.
    • First-Class Factories: MH owns 9 Factories located in 3 industry zones, with more than 23 years of production and service experience, Good Business Relations and Outstanding Reputation in China and abroad.
    • Price: Factory Wholesale Price, extremely cost-effective.
    • Quality: will offer you better quality if same price, with a team of more than 30 peoples to check the goods just for good quality for you.
    • Sample and Delivery: We offer Free Sample, send by DHL, or direct sample from our local office; delivery will be depend on the quantity, and will no more than 30 days for normal order on quantity of full of container.

Quality Guarantee

  • evenness testerEvenness Tester
    Strength Tester
    Yarn Twist Tester
    Washing Fastness Tester
    uster classimat for sewing threadUster Classimat
    Automatic Color Control System
    automatic dispensing systemAutomatic Dispensing System
    MQCBenchtop NMP for Spin Finish for sewing thread testingMQC+Benchtop NMP for Spin Finish
  • Fongs Dyeing MachineFongs Dyeing Machine
    Thies Pressure DryerThies Pressure Dryer

    During the dyeing and drying process, we not only care about color matching and color fastness, but also about the shape of the dyed yarn spindle, which will affect the quality of thread rewinding. A suitable yarn spindle shape will reduce the breakage rate during rewinding.

  • High-speed Winding Machine
    The SSM TK2-20CT high-speed precision winding machines not only ensure the thread cone is in good shape with suitable tension and has no deformation during transportation, but also have excellent performance in length and oil uniformity.
  • ISO and OEKO Certificates