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Thread Construction

Thread Construction

11 October 2023

What kind of thread should i use? 

Which sewing thread construction is right for your specific thread requirements? Learn more about spun thread, core spun thread, textured thread, multifilament thread.

Yarn Types Construction Features Applications
Spun Thread Spun yarn is made by twisting staple fibers together to make a cohesive thread. Spun yarns may contain a single type of fibre, or be a blend of various types. Combining synthetic fibers with natural fibers is very common. The most widely used blends are cotton-polyester and wool-acrylic fibre blends.
Yarn is selected for different textiles based on the characteristics of the fibers, such as warmth (wool), light weight (cotton or rayon), durability (nylon), or softness (cashmere).
Spun threads are used in everything from women’s lingerie to heavy leather gloves.
Core Thread Core thread is made by spinning a wrap of staple cotton or polyester around a continuous filament of polyester fibers. Afterwards, two or more of these single yarns are twisted together to form the thread. Core threads have fuzz on their surface giving them good lubricity characteristics and also a continuous filament core that contributes to high strength and durability.
1. When wrapped with a cotton wrap, core threads have very good needle heat resistance.
2. When wrapped with a polyester wrap, core threads have excellent chemical resistance and colorfastness. 
Core threads are used in everything from fine blouses to heavy coveralls and overalls.
Multifilament Thread Multifilament Thread is made from continuous filaments of polyester or nylon that are twisted together into a cohesive bundle and then plied to make the thread. Multifilament threads are available either soft or with an additional bond for better ply security and abrasion resistance. They are exceptionally strong for their size and they have excellent resistance and durability. Multifilament Thread is used for seaming everything from bathing suits to automobile upholstery.
Textured Thread Polyester or nylon that has been mechanically textured to make the thread fuzzy and stretchy and woollie-like. Texturing is a procedure used to increase the volume and the elasticity of a filament yarn. The essential properties of textured yarns and the products made from them are softness, fullness, a high degree of elasticity, thermal insulation and moisture-transporting properties. Textured polyester threads are used for rolled hems and for sewing on stretchy materials, such as spandex, lycra, or swimsuit material.
Bonded Thread A strength-enhancing resin is coated on the outside of the thread. This increases the tensile strength and helps reduce friction. Bonded thread has a protective coating which helps prevent fraying and heat due to friction that occurs while sewing. It features high tensile strength and resistance to mildew, aging and abrasion. Bonded threads are usually meant for upholstery and heavy duty sewing applications.