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What is recycled sewing thread?

What is recycled sewing thread?

18 April 2024

Recycled sewing thread also referred as GRS sewing thread. GRS means Global Recycled Standard: Sewing thread made of 100% recycled polyester(100%post-consumer material made from PET materials), bleached, dyed (in a limited range of 20 disperse dyestuffs including 1 fluorescent red dyestuffs)and finished(based on material partly pre-certified according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100)

Process of manufacturing recycled sewing thread

  • Collection of Waste Materials: Thread raw materials are obtained from recycled PET bottles
  • Flakes and Granules: Bottles are shredded into flakes and melted
  • Recycled Raw Fibers: The melted flakes or granules are pushed through tiny holes to form fibers.
  • Spinning into Yarn: The fibers are further processed into threads or yarns.

Using recycled sewing thread offers several environmental benefits. It helps reduce waste by repurposing materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. Additionally, it conserves resources and reduces the carbon footprint associated with producing new fibers. Recycled threads are increasingly popular in eco-conscious fashion and textile industries, contributing to more sustainable production practices.

GRS recycled sewing thread features

Inorganic acids long-lasting ability for most inorganic acids
Alkaline Unaffected by weak alkali
it has a greater impact on durability with strong alkali, especially at high temperatures.
Organic solvents Generally unaffected, but soluble in benzene-containing compounds
Rinse Unaffected
Insects/microorganisms (mold, decay) Unaffected
Washing/dry cleaning Unaffected
Moisture absorption rate 0.40%

Main uses of GRS recycled sewing thread

GRS (Global Recycling Standard) recycled sewing thread offers several beneficial features that make it a preferred choice for ECO-conscious manufacturers and consumers in the textile industry, like home textiles, sports wear, outdoor products, etc.

Recycled sewing thread technical data

Yarn Count (S) Tex (T) Average Strength (cN) Breaking Elongation (%) Boiling Water Shrinkage (%)
20S/2 28.8*2 2025 13-19 <1%
20S/3 28.8*3 3100 14-21 <1%
30S/2 19.4*2 1300 10-16 <1%
40S/2 14.6*2 1020 9.5-16 <1%
40S/3 14.6*3 1450 11-18 <1%
45S/2 13*2 875 9.5-16 <1%
50S/2 11.7*2 810 9.5-16 <1%
60S/2 9.7*2 640 8.5-14.5 <1%