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M/MS/MHS/MH/MX Type Metallic Yarn

Metallic Yarn

It has M,MX,MH,ST type .It's made of vacuum-plated PET polyester film cutting into slim yarn and twisting with different fibers. Such as polyester or rayon. Mainly used in computer embroidery and craft accessories for crafts, fashion, another embroidery.

MH metallic thread has a rich uniform color with shiny luster and reliable quality. It's ideal decorative thread and embroidery thread for weaving fabric, knitted fabric and sweaters and other clothes.

M type metallic yarn

M type metallic yarn is directly cut from PET polyester film, is bright, shiny colorful. Mainly used to weave fabrics for cleaning product, woven apparel and also is the raw material

for making ST, MX and MH type metallic yarn.

MX type metallic yarn

MX type metallic yarn is made by twisting 1ply of M type metallic yarn with 2ply of polyester or nylon yarn. It is widely used in the manufacture of trademarks ribbons, crafts, etc.

MH type metallic yarn

MH type metallic yarn is made of 1ply of M type metallic yarn twisted with other various yarns and is widely used in weaving fabric, knitting fabric, sweaters, scarves, socks, Christmas products, etc.

ST type metallic yarn

ST type metallic yarn is made of gold and silver threads combined with other fibers. It has various colors and gorgeous luster, mainly used for embroidery

Technical Data

Type Specification Composition Meter(m/kg)
Silver gold/color
M 12μ*1/69" 100% metallic yarn 147,000 130,000
12μ*1/100" 100% metallic yarn 218,000 192,000
23μ*1/69" 100% metallic yarn 75,000 69,000
23μ*1/100" 100% metallic yarn 111,000 103,000
MS (ST) 12μ*1/69" 33% metallic yarn 42,000 40,000
67% 150D polyester
MHS 12μ*1/100" 25% metallic yarn 47,000 45,000
75% 150D polyester
MH 12μ*1/100" 36% metallic yarn 78,000 75,000
64% 150D polyester
MX 23μ*1/100" 57% metallic yarn 65,000 63,000
43% 30D*2 polyester
12μ*1/100" 45% metallic yarn 91,000 89,000
55% 20D*2 polyester (nylon)


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