Outdoor environment is changeable, and outdoor activities are necessary part in our daily life. Thus, some outdoor products are daily necessities.

MH threads with special treatments are perfect for outdoor products, such as luggage, sportswear, hats, sports shoes, camping tents and so on. These special treatments are processed after bonding, so the treatments are suitable for staple fiber, filament, core spun and any other threads.

Anti-UV Polyester Sewing Thread

Feature: Harmful ultraviolet radiation makes thread fading by redox reaction. Anti-UV threads can reduce the absorption of ultraviolet radiation, retarding the degradation and aging of threads.

Application: Suitable for sun protection clothing, hats, swimsuits, beach shorts and so on.

Acrylic Knitting Yarn

Anti-Phenolic Yellowing Sewing Thread

Feature: Phenolic yellowing, also referred to as elusive yellowing, is the discoloration of threads and textiles. Due to chemical and environmental factors and thread aging, the "yellowing" of white products is a common occurrence. The degree of phenolic yellowing concerns environment humidity, temperature, oxides of nitrogen. MH threads have been tested up to 4-5 grade by a third party and is fully accredited by HM.

Application: Suitable for light-colored, bright-colored outdoor products.

Acrylic Knitting Yarn

Thread with Excellent Color-Fastness

Feature: Using high fastness dyestuff, MH products can achieve a not-fading effect at 95°C temperature. The thread quality is up to ISO-105-C06 standard.

Application: Suitable for high-temperature chemical textiles or products that need high temperature sterilization.

polyester sewing thread

Waterproof Polyester Sewing Thread

Feature: MH waterproof sewing thread has a special water resistant finish which inhibits the capillary effect, thereby ensuring that no water is taken up by the thread. When the correct sewing tension is used, the transport of water through the needle hole is prevented.

Application: Suitable for sewing tarpaulin of warehouses, vehicles, ships, factories, mines, freight yards, trains, enterprises, household agricultural goods cover, etc. It's also widely used in clothing, military products, outdoor adventure, outdoor tourism and other fields.

Acrylic Knitting Yarn

Water Soluble Thread Yarn

Material: 100% PVA

Temperature: 40°C

Feature: The water soluble yarn dissolves when immersed or sprayed with warm water.

This helps to protect the fabric from damage caused by removing temporary stitches.


Water soluble yarn has been used in many applications, including quilting, embroidery, nonwoven fabric, disposable supplies, underwear and towels.

Our products include various kinds of threads, like spun polyester sewing thread, corespun polyester sewing thread, eco-friendly recycled polyester sewing thread, waterproof sewing thread, anti-UV sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, nylon bonded thread, embroidery thread, polyester textured yarn, metallic yarn, fishing twine, etc. available in different sizes and specifications to meet all customers' needs.

Acrylic Knitting Yarn

Aramid Fibres Sewing Thread

Material: 100% meta aramid

Feature: Meta-aramid is an aromatic polyamide fiber.

Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. Aramid fibers share some general characteristics that distinguish from other synthetic fibers, including high strength, good resistance to abrasion, good resistance to organic solvents, electrical insulation, no melting point, low flammability, good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. These unique characteristics derive from aramid fibers' molecular structure.

Application: Meta-aramids come in two different types: spun often used in sewing applications for clothing, and continuous filament which boasts a higher strength and is perfect for those products that need great performance of reinforcement and strength.


Reflective Polyester Thread for Sewing

Application: Polyester reflective sewing thread is mainly used to knit with fabric to decorate sports clothes, bags, shoes, gloves, etc.

Used for clothes, shoelaces, cross-stitch, crochet, embroidery, hand knitting, sewing etc