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120D/2 Rayon Embroidery Thread

    • Material: rayon/viscose filament
    • Specs: 120D/2
    • Length/Weight: Custom
    • Custom raw materials
    • Custom yarn count
    • Custom colors
    • Custom packings
    • Custom logo

    • Most samples are free, while a few may require a purchase; shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

    • Lead Time: 25-35 days
    • Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight
    • Payment: T/T, L/C ...

MH Embroidery Thread Factory

MH embroidery thread factory is strategically situated in Hunan provinces, China, sprawling over an area of 130,000 square meters and employing over 200 skilled workers. Our production capacity consistently reaches approximately 500 tons of embroidery thread monthly. MH is committed to ensuring a stable and timely supply of high-quality thread.

Plant Area
500 tons
Month production

Customization Services

MH provides customized embroidery thread solutions, offering an array of choices in materials, yarn counts, colors, weights, and packaging options. Our custom services are carefully designed to cater to your market's diverse needs.

Color Customization

Rayon Embroidery Thread color card

Discover the Rayon Embroidery Thread Color Card, showcasing a stunning selection of over 800 vibrant colors. This comprehensive collection allows for flawless color matching, as it features actual thread samples. Choose your desired threads with confidence and precision..

Yarn count and Length/Weight Customization

Yarn count and Length/Weight Customization

Logo+Packaging Customization

Support ODM/OEM Customization
Logo and Packaging

Product Description

Name 120D/2 Rayon Embroidery Thread
Material 100% Rayon/ Viscose
Length Custom
Weight 100g
Color Click to get color card PDF
  • Rich Colors and Sizes
  • Excellent color fastness
  • Great sheen and lustre

MH Embroidery Thread Feature
  • Excellent color fastness
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Keeps 50000 stitches unbreaking at 1000rpm high speed.

Other Related Threads

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Embroidery Thread Quality Guarantee

MH embroidery thread's quality is guaranteed by the thorough testing of raw yarns, employing state-of-the-art production equipment, and rigorous assessments of the final product.

Embroidery Thread Raw Materials Testing
Raw Materials Testing
  • Yarn Count
  • Twist per unit length
  • Single yarn strength
  • Evenness
  • Hairiness
Embroidery Thread Advanced Machines
Advanced Machines
  • Auto-liquid dispensing
  • Spray hank yarn dyeing machine
  • Thies pressure dryer
  • SSM automatic winder machine
  • Automatic packing machine
Embroidery Thread Product Quality Control
Product Quality Control
  • Strength
  • Elongation
  • Colour fastness
  • Sewing Performance
  • Packing

Embroidery Thread Certification

Our Embroidery Thread Complies with OEKO-TEX 100

Shipping Methods

Lead Time: 25-35 days